Micah Smith

Sound Designer Living in England.
Sound Design graduate from Staffordshire university.



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Final Year Project: Advanced Spatialized Audio Techniques for Virtual Reality

In my final year studying Sound Design at Staffordshire University I created a virtual reality project using UE4, Wwise, and a Gear VR headset. The project's focus was to create detailed audio environments utilising advanced audio spatialization techniques with zero visuals. This was to emphasise the level of detail that could be achieved using current game audio real-time processing.

I was the sole contributor to this project which consisted of Coding, roughly 90% Blueprint/10% C++, Sound design of two realistically detailed environments and Wwise programming and integration.

APK Download (Requires a Gear VR headset and motion controller)

Escape: RLS Opportunity

A VR escape room made in my Third year at University. I coded the game in Unreal using blueprints as well as doing all sound design work baring narration. I worked with a classmate who handled the art, modeling, and level design.

From Dec 2012 to Aug 2016 I worked as part of a small team called Kritzkast to produce a weekly podcast about Team Fortress 2 made by Valve. My job was to take the recordings of all hosts, process them and mix them together, removing all unwanted sound, then exporting. This would then we uploaded to our website to be released.

As part of this team we also made three-part radio play which served as marketing for a community made update, which eventually became an official part of the game. Other than dialogue recording, I was responsible for all audio work involved in the radio play.

Other than my weekly responsibilities, occasionally the whole team would meet up in meat-space and record a life show where I was responsible for getting a portable studio set-up, live mixing, and handling swapping out guests. All in a reasonably loud environment.

Podcast 76 was a podcast covering the weekly news in the Overwatch community. Made up of a three person team, I pushed myself to take on greater work and responsibility, such as video editing, managing more social media and improving pre-existing audio skills.

Global Game Jam 2018: Carmun

Carmun was my first major delve into Game-Sound design and was quite a learning curve as i'd never used Unreal before but I came away from the event with something I was proud of.

Max for Live Variencer

Max for Live Multiple Effects Unit

This second year Max 7 project was a step up from my first year's project, I incorporated JavaScript to vary the amount of effects.

Max Loop Pedal

This first year project was my first experience with Max 7

VR Development

In my free time I like to experiment with VR development. Below are some small projects I've made.

Runescape VR

Throwing Game

Treasure Island

A small project to act as an advert for an asset pack


My full CV can be downloaded here